Minggu, Maret 13, 2011

Starting Day

March 12th, 2011 is starting day for this effort. It feels like i'm gonna take a long journey with long and windy road, and don't know when it's gonna be end. Oh God. . . how hard it's gonna be . . .

Four pills half hour before meal, twice a day unsweeten soy milkshake for breakfast and dinner instead of a plate of rice covered with skined fried chikcen and coconut milk souce, and two more pills after meal, and there's a bonus. . .1,5 lt aloe vera liquid and 1,5 lt brazilia tea liquid, and three cups of another herbal tea must be drunk in a day plus a lot of fresh water. I get this stomach full filled with those sucking things!!! I think there's no place for another meal. . . .a normal meal anymore. . . .

But this first day, i can't take this rule straightly. . .hm can never hard to my self. I'm gonna follow that rule the way i can enjoy it.
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